Ann DonnellyHi. Thank you for taking the time to explore these pages! My hope is that they will inspire you to acknowledge your fullest potential and help you take the first steps to realizing it!!

My name is Ann & I qualified as a medical doctor in 1992. Despite having worked hard for my degree I knew that I had so much more to learn about life & about my chosen profession. When I became a family doctor in 1996 I would have the joy of meeting & treating patients of all ages, from all walks of life & with all degrees of mental, emotional & physical malady. Patients had wide preferences in how they wanted their problems to be treated. Some were happy with a prescription, some preferred advice, others needed a listening ear & of course some required further investigation & exploration of route causes for symptoms. In many instances much more lay behind the presenting complaint. The beautiful individuals in front of me had their story, a family situation, relationship difficulties or a financial crisis or perhaps stress at work. There was already a richly woven tapestry that preceded our meeting, & it all mattered. In my own experience, I realized that orthodox medicine (although important) did not have all the answers. It satisfied only a portion of the journey back to health & wholeness.

Initially I explored ways to support myself in my work until these methods became an integral part of how I approached the health issues presented to me. I studied yoga & became a yoga teacher. I took some time to explore the principles of Reiki Healing & I became a Reiki Master. Today I work specifically with the Jikiden School of Reiki & I practice a treatment called Ensofic Ray. I undertook studies with the British Medical Acupuncture Society & with the London Homeopathic Hospital. I became a NeuroLinguistic Programming Practitioner & I used a technique called Emotional Freedom Therapy in my practice. Each method offered non-drug options for patients & gave insights into complimentary approaches to health.

In later years I became interested in a branch of medicine called palliative medicine. This involves the care of patients dealing with life limiting illness. It encourages a holistic approach to patient care & acknowledges the importance of improving quality of life for both patients & families. It also considers the nature of problems as being multifactorial & that they can have physical, psychosocial & spiritual aspects. As I grew to love this work it became clear to me… why wait until our life span is limited to ask ourselves the big questions in life? Who am I? What am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What is my life purpose?

In 2006 I started to study with a school called The Modern Mystery School. I embarked on a study of metaphysics & advanced spiritual training. It has given me a deeper understanding of myself & of the human condition. It has given me tools to use which help keep me balanced & strong in challenging times. Life continues to bring all of us challenges. How we respond to these creates our life experience. We can actively build our resilience & consciously participate in our own story. I have found that the healing modalities & studies offered by this school offer unparalleled personal development & understanding.

In my continued commitment to the concept of health & wholeness I now work as a holistic family doctor offering traditional GP appointments for the purpose of assisting you in understanding your health dilemmas. I do not replace the important relationship that you already have with your family doctor but I can offer you time to discuss concerning issues & help you in your understanding of what is already a steadily advancing medical world.

Should you wish to experience treatments you will find descriptions in the pages that follow. You will also read about the various courses I offer. Each course contains an opportunity for better understanding, for personal development & for a more enriched experience of life.

Meanwhile I leave you with one of my poems, which I hope will convey something of the essence of my services. Whatever your path in life & however you choose to live it, I wish you every joy in it! Namaste.

My desires for you

I desire to see you flourish!

I want to see you laugh & play!

I wish to see your eyes shine with delight!

I desire your heart to find love, your soul to find peace & your spirit to find expression!

I want you to feel free to express without fear of repression!

I wish you to be you -magnificent, untamed, alive & real.

And when you leave my space,

I set you free to dance your life…
 & may you find happiness in every step, contentment with your very self & may the sun shine in your world once again.