Divina Ann Donnelly talks about speaking up against hatred and barriers to Peace

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When a VICE comes to the surface we don’t run, we don’t hide, we look it in the eye & we open a conversation.
I am a woman.
I was born in the north of Ireland.
I was born in a part of the world where I can choose to call myself Irish pleasing one half of my community or British pleasing the other half of my community.
Interestingly I own both as I won’t let any one label deter me from being who ‘I am’.
Interestingly people say you cannot be neutral on this! Choose!
In Medicine I was at an education evening just before COVID, (we are not talking 20 years ago) and I was shocked to witness the venom with which these words come out of a family doctors mouth. She called Healers ‘hippy hugging freaksters’. Of course, there I was hugging everyone I hadn’t seen in so long! Unfortunately I didn’t get an opportunity to open up that conversation BUT that conversation could have led to challenge of that way of thinking, to better understanding, to better cooperation.
So let’s talk about the things that people are not willing to talk about. We think that this behaviour is acceptable?
Every human on this planet has a say, yes, but what if that say is distorted, and spreading hatred & mistrust? Are you ready to say, I disagree? Are you ready to say that’s not my experience. Are you ready to say I’d rather live in peace than fear & hatred any day.
So no more silence while people think they can spew venom on good people with good hearts & pure intention.
I come from a country of so much richness in its spiritual history, it’s connection to other worldly myths & legends & where it’s peoples were oppressed because we were so powerful in our contributions to education & spirituality all the way across Europe.
We were hunted down, tortured & burnt for encouraging free thinking, personal empowerment & expressing the righteousness of this for ALL!
They were called the Irish Ollam: Go ye and teach all nations.
It’s time Healers, Shamans, Reiki Practitioners, Homeopathic Practitioners, Acupuncturists, those that celebrate the Sacred to rise again. We are better than that fear, that stigma, that memory of oppression.
Come back to TODAY!
We are living in 2021!!!
The pendulum is still swinging!
We are living in a world of extremes!
When are we going to meet each other in the middle?
When are we going to live & let live.
Ask yourself, is my held belief about someone or something excusing me from the effort it takes to really get to know someone & discovering why what they do, is important to them? What makes them tick? What gets them out of bed in the morning to go do what they do?
Are we so different you and I?
When will differences become the new frontier of exploration?
How will we make it all work if we really truly with all our hearts want PEACE ON EARTH??????????????????
As if COVID… the weapon of separation…. hasn’t taught us enough?
Have you taken this time to ask yourself the REAL QUESTIONS??????
Who am I????????????
What am I?????????????
Where did I come from?
Where am I going?
What is my purpose?????????????
My beloved Modern Mystery School where the Sacred is held Holy and where studies of the Occult (YES HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE) exists because we need to know the essence of ourselves again!!!! We need to go deep to save ourselves & our world!
Spiritual practice is a human right. Healing includes all aspects of human, body, mind, emotions, soul & spirit.
I am a medical doctor.
I am a healer, teacher, Guide with the Modern Mystery School.
I work with yoga, meditation, acupuncture, homeopathy, light work, sacred ceremonies.
I am proud of the work I do.
I will not let lies, deceit and trash articles written by journalists in Vice or Dialogue Ireland tear down what is Sacred & Holy.
I invite you to explore.
I invite you to choose.
I invite you to discern.
Whatever you do I wish you LOVE in all you do
Dr Divina Ann Donnelly