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There is a Path called the Path of Initiation.
It is a Holy and Sacred Path.
It provides ancient tools for modern day living.
The truth is we need to bring back the Sacred into everything we do.
How is this done?
8000 years ago Hermes spoke of that High potential in mankind. Mystery teaching were handed down so we could find our way home while still in this physical body.
For what appears to be eons, in our appreciation of time, these teachings were handed down by word of mouth to Leaders, Prophets, Seers, Visionaries to help in the Mission of world peace.
King Salomon took those teachings and studies and put them into incredible practice to bring healing, wisdom, prosperity and abundance to his Kingdom.
Our Lineage is the Lineage of King Salomon.
In 1997, a dawn awoke for every single human on this planet!
YOU included!!!!
The doors to Mystery teachings opened to the general public.
The precious nature of this information has been formally held within the corridors of the Modern Mystery School.
The Path offers Keys to unlocking the treasure inside: ✨KNOW THYSELF✨
When we truly engage with the path to know ourselves our appreciation of life changes and our connection to our own unique DIVINITY becomes more conscious and manifest in everything we do…..
Self Care, Relationships, Work, Love, Peace, all aspects of life!
The tools you gain awaken that conscious knowing of your Divine nature!
You start to manage yourself, your energy, your environment differently. Things that bothered you previously are surprisingly innocuous. When you face trials you have tools to navigate strongly and effectively so you grow faster and learn through the lessons of life with more deep seated JOY!!!
It is an investment in yourself which you can use daily for the rest of your life!
We have Guides all over the globe who can work with you!
I am deeply honoured to be of service as a Guide in the Lineage of King Salomon.
My next Empower Thyself program and Initiation is August 14/15th.
Please message me to discuss if this is for you at this time.