Empower Thyself

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In 2006 I was looking for something & I wasn’t sure quite what.
I’d studied many Healing modalities & I’d worked with many beautiful Healers.
I was fascinated by the concept of energy & how it influenced Healing. As a matter of fact when my Reiki Master asked me what I wanted from Healing one day I looked at her & I said… have you ever seen Star Wars? She said yes… I told her I wanted to know the Force… she smiled & proceeded.
I was on my way!
One day I stumbled on a meditation class that would change my life forever. Martina Coogan was there & during that Meditation something awoke inside me. I signed up for a 2 day Empower Thyself class with Martina which opened the doorway to exploring…. myself.
I’d been looking outside when the treasure was really inside.
When you study Metaphysics you realise that everything outside is a mirror of the inside.
The macrocosm mimics microcosm.
So the only way to create peace in our world is to truly embrace it INSIDE.
Empower Thyself takes you on a two day journey of exploration. It introduces concepts & expands the mind and the energy field. It introduces tools to empower life… no matter what you do for a living, no matter what age you are or what your dreams are it amplifies your ‘force’ 10fold. By the end of two days you are ready for initiation, something that has been practiced as a sacred right of passage in Mystery Schools across the planet for eons.
So do you truly feel ready for the next serious step in your life?
Are you ready to embrace your true empowerment and honour yourself as Goddess/God co-creator of the Universe? Come join me… message me to talk about possibilities ❤

Investment £700
Prerequisite Full Life Activation
Deposit £200 by June 7th

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