Ipsissimus Dave THOR Lanyon has been the driving force behind the explosive growth of The Mystery School since he joined the Lineage in 2004 and we have seen the school expand from 12 countries to 55 with his efforts. Dave has dedicated his life to serving the world by teaching, healing and helping people from all walks of life to Know Thyself. He is an expert at identifying what is blocking a person and at navigating them to high frequencies and deeper understandings.

Ipsissimus Dave is a Knights Templar Initiate & leads the world wide Order of the Warriors of Light Clan. He is a High Priest of Egyptian Magick, Master of Enochian Magick & specialises in Viking, Celtic & Egyptian Shamanism.

He is a world class Martial Arts Instructor & he has years of experience in business, economics & marketing which has helped the Modern Mystery School expand & deliver its mission of World Peace.