Founder Gudni “Frater Ged” Gudnason

Founder of The Modern Mystery School

Born as Gudni Halldor Gudnason von Thoroddsen in northern 'Viking lands' of Iceland in a direct lineage of the War God Thor from the Eagle Vale Clan of Western Iceland where Yggdrasil is, and where Odin hung on the tree for nine days and nights. Initiated into the lineage of King Salomon in the early 1970s, given priesthood powers from High Priest Melchizedek, Initiated into the Mysteries in the Great Pyramid of Giza in an overnight ceremony. Guardian of the secret of the Holy Grail, Initiated Celtic Medicine Man, Viking Shaman, Druid Priest, Templar Knight, and Egyptian High Priest of Isis authorized to do the work by the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT in all manner with the highest powers given to a human.

In 1997 Founder Gudni opened the doors of the Mystery School to the public. He brought the ancient teachings from the Lineage of King Solomon to help people find inner peace so we might have World Peace. With these teachings he also brought healings from the Lineage helping humanity live lives of true Magick & embracing the Royal divinity within.