We all have a unique identity, an innate intelligence & a natural intuition. This two-day program helps us to reconnect with that golden core at the centre of our being & gives us tools to assist us in living authentically from that space.

It contains essential keys to help harness our innate gifts, assisting us in manifesting our highest potential and in fulfilling our life purpose.

We will learn techniques of physical & spiritual empowerment & as the insights flow, we gently begin to remember who we are. Hidden knowledge is awakened & life becomes more of the adventure it is meant to be.

Are you ready to transform your life and walk through the door to your next level of empowerment?

Some of the content includes:

1) The composition of the human energetic system including the aura with its many purposeful layers.
2) The psychic senses & how to reawaken & strengthen them.
3) The 7 spiritual dimensions & the 12 physical dimensions, helping us gain a higher perspective, changing the way we perceive our world.
4) The structure of the Hierarchy of Light, Angels, Masters of light & their role in our existence.
5) An introduction to The Universal Kabbalah & The Tree of Life.
6) Ancient rituals, which, can be used daily for protection, increased energy & flow & for emotional balance aiding self healing on a whole new level.
7) Deep & insightful mediations to help personal growth

We all carry light in this physical world. Through a process of sacred ceremony we align more fully with the universal flow of creativity & joy. Through the ancient rite of initiation practiced in Mystery Schools across the globe we actively expand our capacity ten fold to manifest & flow energy. This has a profound affect on our ability to create all the good things of life (love, peace, joy, abundance) for ourselves, for our families, our communities & our world.

These two days contain core teachings and can be used to transform our lives. If we so choose, we may also use them as a stepping-stone & continue our studies in a number of potential academies… Healers Academy, Teachers Academy, Leadership Academy & more.

COST  £1000/€1200 Includes follow up support & ongoing guidance.