Jikiden Reiki is a form of energy healing that is strikingly simple and effective.
The original name in Japanese is Shinshin kaizen Usui reiki ryoho, meaning:
Usui treatment method for improvement of body and mind”.

This particular tradition of Reiki is unique in that it is free from western influences
and is practiced in its original and authentic form with direct lineage from Japan.

This therapy assists:

• Detoxification of the body

• Harmonizing vibration of the whole energy system

• Releasing emotional blockages

• Relieving stress thus creating deep relaxation

• Bringing the joy of balance and well being

• And much more!

Come experience this amazingly and powerful therapy for yourself!

This session can also be done long distance. 45 minutes of long distance Jikiden Reiki equals 90 minutes of regular Jikiden Reiki.

About Your Reiki Treatment

After a short consultation the client will lie down fully clothed on a comfortable massage table in a warm and relaxing healing room. The practitioner will then begin the treatment, laying hands gently upon the clients body in numerous positions.

Receiving reiki is an experience that is perceived differently from person to person.

The most commonly reported sensations are those of warmth, heat, and/ or tingling. Most clients feel a sense of total relaxation.

The session ends with an invigorating technique called “ketsueki kokan” which helps to increase blood circulation and rejuvenate the client after the relaxing treatment.

The effects and benefits of the treatment may be immediate or may increase within the following 24 hours.
While a single treatment is highly beneficial, in some cases, such as chronic illness or severe injuries,
for the best results we recommend a series of 10 treatments.