Our spirits are vast and eternal, beyond what the mind can comprehend, and we have participated in many past lives and off-world incarnations preparing us for this lifetime.  In addition, we have a spiritual family lineage we are sourced from, just like we have a genetic family here in the physical.  We have connections to Angels, Archangels, mythological beings, Masters of Light and more and all this is stored inside of our Spiritual DNA.  We only have to use the correct key to unlock the door of understanding our vast human Spiritual DNA!

The Life Purpose reading is very accurate as it is read directly from the blue print of your spirit, soul, and physical body.

Find our more about YOU!

Discover where you came from before this life, and how your spirit and soul are integrated so you can have physical life on earth.

  • Learn what life has been like for your spirit since becoming human.
  • Have your spiritual lineage assessed.
  • Learn what your Soul is gifted in and open yourself up to your specialty.
  • What is your strongest psychic ability.
  • Determine what Soul contracts you have with mates and children.
  • Understand what impact your physical parents and grandparents have had on your DNA.

The Life Activation is a pre-requisite for receiving this reading.