When asked by one of his work colleagues how he managed to stay so positive one of my students told him about being an Initiate in the Lineage of King Salomon.

He went on to explain how before his initiation, the weight of the world would crush him daily.

He noticed how his negative ego would overwhelm him & dictate his life.

Since Initiation, he finds that practicing the tools he learned, and harnessing the strength they present him, gives him choices he never knew existed.


Regarding Sacred Geometry: from a mum whose little boy has autism…

“Well a miracle happened! My little boy slept last night (on one of the warmest nights of the year) from 7pm -7am) he has never ever slept like that in his life!

I am amazed & so excited!

I really feel the sacred Geometry worked and I feel so empowered to have this knowledge Thank you so very much!!!!”


A testimonial regarding Empower Thyself.

“I put down the circle in my coaching room & Magick happened.”

I just love you.

Thank you so much for today’s moon meditation. It moved me more than words can say.

I’m deeply grateful for your heart and your generosity in offering these meditations. They are a beacon of hope in these challenging times.

Thank you again.

Much love, Jen.

After recieving my life activation from Ann, my life as i knew it has transformed. And for the better. I was very stuck in life. Sufferering with depression and had been diagnosed with BPD.(borderline personality disorder) which caused me to depend on others. I also was very overweight and lacked confidence, motivation and could not express myself to people. I had many deep hidden emotions. Since receiving the Life Activation my mental clarity has increased. I no longer perceive life the way i did. It has opebed my eyes to what id call “the bigger picture” I no longer have as many low moods. I feel physically fitter which i believe is because of releasing old past traumas. I am now training to be an holistic therapist. I attend gym a couple of times a week. This is a huge deal for me as i had a fear or socialising. I was a smoker for as long as i can remember and now have not smoked in nearly 6 months. These are just little things that i have been able to do through the power of the activation and through the help of being at a much higher vibration. All areas of my life have improved dramatically. I have a whole new out look on life and feel the happiest i have ever felt. This is not an instant change but it is very quick but also subtle. I am ever so grateful for this wonderful gift. I am continuing to grow and transform those areas in my life that needed attention. Ann is a great mentor and offers support long term throughout which is a comfort to know. Thank you so much Ann. A truly wonderfully beautiful lady inside and out.

MMcC ❤️

This is my journey and story from Mark James Beecroft

For so many years i had often felt sad and that I’m not good enough low self esteem and very often depressed from my experiences in life and i suppose i became a bit of a recluse. In March 2018 i discovered i had cancer and my relationship with my partner was healthy and happy until this, i had a major operation to remove the tumour and whilst being sick and feeling sorry for myself my relationship fell to bits. I decided to regularly attend Max Meditation, my guide Dr Ann Donnelly was outstanding and understanding but beyond words the most supportive, kind and caring person i have ever met. She suggested having a life activation followed by Empower Thyself where i became an Initiate with the Modern Mystery School. Through its teachings and the Lineage of King Solomon i have a complete turn around in my life. I find joy and limitless light in my life like i NEVER could imagine, my Ego has changed, my outlook on life is amazing and without the help of Ann Donnelly i would be in a completely different place. So i would recommend Ann as your guide, she’s the best and she’s amazing.

Class was awesome!!! Ann is awesome!! I LOVE it!!! I am generally a super discerning person, but the field and space Ann creates is sacred, powerful and open. If this is what mystery school stands for than I totally suppport it:)… bring it on!!!

Samo Bohak