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Dear ones,

This article is written from my perspective as a Medical Doctor & as an Initiate in the Lineage of King Salomon.

I hope that you enjoy & that you find the path to truly loving yourself.

From when I was very young there were certain things I liked to do.
Things that helped me relax, made me laugh or made me feel safe & loved.
As I grew up those things changed & as the challenges of life grew I found that not everyone loved me!
That can be a defining moment while growing up.
Its natural to reach outward looking for the love we received when we were little or indeed the love we never received!
Its interesting, because what love looks & feels like, can be very different for each of us.

In all seriousness, what is self love?

Firstly there is the self. Do we really know ourselves?
Do we make choices in life based on what others might think?
Do we make choices based on what we have been told to think?
Do we make choices based on the facts or based on what we assume?
Or, do we listen to our inner guidance & gut feeling & choose according to our innate knowing?
Our inner world is highly intelligent no matter what anyone else tells you.
Instinctively your understanding of what is highest & best will not let you down.
But how often have you truly listened to this or practiced the art of quietening enough to listen to your own intuition?
Your intuition is not the voice in your head.
We need to quieten the mind & listen to the gut, to the feelings in the physical body, to the instinct.
But what can truly awaken the senses, quieten the mind and empower our consciousness & how can I be sure that what I am choosing is the highest, the best & dare I say Divinely inspired?

Our outer world can be fun but it also has lots of ‘pollution’, distraction & interference.
Do you know the difference?
I call it ‘pollution’ because its sometimes hard to see true reality in the midst of glitz & glamour & false advertising.
Pollution can come in the form of harmful chemicals in our food, our drink, our body lotions, our shampoo!
It can come in the form of propaganda on social media, magazines & the news!
It can come in the form of gossip, hearsay & toxic relationships.
It can come in the form of apathy, anxiety & depression.
In truth, each of these has one remedy.
When our inner world is truly explored, when we seek the answers in the depths of our soul, our original blueprint & our DNA we have all the solutions!
Apathy, anxiety, depression arise when we ignore our inner voice over & over again so that finally it is silent & the inner spark goes out.
This is one of the saddest things for me to encounter in my life as a doctor.
Mental health issues are rife & its one of the reasons I sought another way.
It takes time to explore & to heal but it is possible.

Thus comes the exploration of the SELF.
We need to ask the right questions.
One such question is ‘Who am I?’
To contemplate this question is to contemplate the entire universe as there is so much to explore!
We are each so unique, & this uniqueness is dictated by our DNA.
Life itself is a great teacher, but there is a path to understanding that accelerates that growth & helps us master the challenges much faster.
This path includes an activation of the DNA (both physical & spiritual) and an initiation into a Holy & Sacred Lineage giving us tools to conquer our fears & allowing us to experience the embrace of the entire universe!
When I started this path I began to see myself clearer.
There were things about myself that I liked & things that I didn’t like.
With the tools of the Lineage I was able to undergo healthy, sustainable change in a way that I never thought possible.
Sometimes I was aware of the changes, at other times I was not until I look back!
When I look back, it is hard to believe but… I wore black & white ALL the time, I never wore a skirt (trousers all the time), I had so many fears my mind never rested, oh & life was a very serious matter!!!!
I would say I have changed! Just a little!!!!
Is love possible?
If I truly looked inside with the eyes of love, how would I treat myself?
Its sometimes hard to define love but when we experience it for someone else we know exactly what it is.
How would I treat anyone I loved if they were sad, lonely, afraid?
Would I help them?
Would I cook a healthy meal, sing a sweet song, wrap them up in a hug, maybe read them poetry or watch a film together?
I remember one of the saddest times in my own life I bought a bunch of roses & cut the stems to fit into little glass bottles which I dotted all around my home.
That way, no matter how low I felt, every time I saw a blossoming rose, I would remember that love still existed.

Love is patient. (Patient enough to watch a rose blossom without pulling open the petals)
Love is kind. (Kind enough to water the rose every time its head droops)
Are you patient with you?
Are you kind to you?
Or are you letting the voice inside your head tell you that you are silly, not good enough, not clever enough, not beautiful/handsome enough?
I explored many, many paths to quieten this voice.
I became a yoga teacher, I studied homeopathy, I became a NeuroLinguistic Programmer & many other titles, but it wasn’t until I started to use the tools as an initiate in the Lineage of King Salomon that I understood my Sacred rite to take back my centredness & to treat myself like Royalty.
I began to choose healthy eating, exercise (in particular dance), meditation, books that expand the mind (the Modern Mystery School has transformative lists!), relationships that help me understand myself better & support my growth & development.
Now let me be clear. I still love chocolate!! I know that a little tantalises my tastebuds and a lot makes me feel sick.
Finding the balance will be different for each of us & this is where personal responsibility & conscious choice comes in!

I mention the word ‘conscious’.
Most of us live an unconscious life, ploughing through the week, while desperate for the weekend.
If this makes you happy then that is great, but if you are dying inside, you need to explore why, & seek another way.
There is a ‘way’ that the ancients have walked for over 8000years.
It is the path of the initiate.
This path elevates the mind & provides nourishment for the soul making the sacred an essential part of every day life!
No matter what your chosen walk in life these tools take your engagement to a whole new level!
They clear the way for deeper understanding, ultimate compassion & true care for self & for others.
When we experience the gift of this for ourselves, ultimately we want it for everyone!!!
And thus begins a way towards peace & harmony for all.
To become an initiate is a true act of self love & it starts with a Life Activation.
To become conscious is part of our evolution & these are exciting times to be alive.
Are you living life alive???
I promise you, it’s never too late to start!

My wish for you, is nothing short of ALL good things in life, & in particular, I wish you the PURE JOY of loving yourself.
It is not selfish to love you.
In fact, it is a seed to loving ALL else.
If you are compassionate with yourself, guess what?
It is impossible to be anything other than compassionate with others!!!
It takes work, it takes commitment & it takes courage to change.
That is why we have Guides in the Mystery School tradition.
A person who has walked the path just a little longer & can bare witness to the work.
After initiation we begin an incredible alchemical internal process of transformation.
With time, diversity is no longer scary, it feels like a blessing & those around us become our friends, our new adventures & our family.
We desire to present to others this awakening too!
The initiatory path opens up the opportunity for us to serve others, to help them attain their greatness!
If we desire, we can become Life Activation Practitioners, Healers, Guides, Ritual Masters & an active source of transformation for our entire world!
Can you sense the potential?
To learn more please visit:
YOU are the KEY to unlocking LOVE, the greatest power in our Universe!!!
What are you waiting for?

About Dr. Ann Donnelly

Dr. Ann Donnelly MB MRCGP is a Guide, a Healer, a Life Activation Practitioner & an International Teacher with the Modern Mystery School. She has over 25 years experience as a medical doctor working in Family Medicine & more laterally in Palliative Medicine. She is passionate about health & healing & assisting others to remember their true Royalty & Divinity. To this end she is also an Apprentice Kabbalah teacher.

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