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I’d like to share with you an article that I posted to Facebook in response to the recent shooting of an innocent reporter on the streets of our city. I am a woman who has lived in Northern Ireland all my life. When you live in the midst of conflict & division in a society that actively sees other fellow humans as the enemy, it either sweeps you away with it, you numb it out, or you actively stand up for Unity. It is not easy to ‘go against the grain’. None of us who live here, are immune to the beliefs of those around us. However each of us has a choice.
Do we individually choose peace internally? If so, that spills out around us in our thoughts, our words & our actions.
In a powerful way, that peace can overcome the negativity.
It’s interesting that politics is in a stalemate here. Meanwhile as individuals, we have choice. Every moment of every day.
Are you choosing peace? It is the natural state of your being. We are living in a way that cuts us off from this natural state of being. We are distracted from what is true. We are all in this thing called life, together. We are different, yes. Yet we share core connection. Love, family, compassion, good, beauty.
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UNITY… I pray we are brave enough!

When did Unity become a bad word?
I look at my country.
War torn & wounded still.
It wasn’t just so visible until the events of the past few days.
Broken in two with a wedge hammered between hearts.
I’ve observed humans who live here.
I’ve seen bravery & passion & I’ve also seen brutality.
It comes in all forms.
The ways we speak to ourselves inside our heads, the way we blame, the way we project on to or chastise our beloveds, or the way we lash out at others beliefs & opinions.
And behind it all I have seen hearts.
Every single one brave and radiant with minds polluted by events, memories, indoctrination & rules of engagement.
You are Protestant.
I am Catholic.
We are too different to be friends.
You are British.
I am Irish.
The rules say we are enemies.
My words & my behaviour triggered you.
You pulled the trigger.
My friend died.
That means I hate you?
I call every heart in Ireland to SOMETHING GREATER!
Whoever broke that bone, slapped that face, called names, pulled the trigger?
Where did your disconnect start?
Who was cruel to you?
Who told you that I, or my friend or my family were your enemy?
What made you want to hate me enough to blind you to my right to existence along side you?
What trauma/indoctrination catapulted you to that moment that you lashed out to hurt another, to hurt yourself?
What cause swept your compassion away?
I appeal to you.
All of you who are lashing out in angry words!
Please look inside for the compassion that is needed to move us forward right now!
In this moment!
Use that PASSION for something different… a heart centred way forward!
There is no difference between you & I!
We are already one.
There is a way forward.
It’s not something that any of us have given REAL conscious thought to.
When I look at our tiny island.
Our position on the edge of the Atlantic, on the edge of Europe.
When I see the proximity of Scotland, England & Wales I breathe a sigh.
We are one.
We are each, nations of pride, bringing unique energy to the planet.
Each with a rich, Mythical history.
Ready to offer our Magick to the world, to unite a human race in evolution to the next step.
Yet we allow ourselves to be distracted from our greatness by separation, deciding instead to unify under factions of separatism.
Please, reach within!
You already know that unity, on all levels…
Catholic, Protestant,
North, South,
Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, AND Europe is the only way forward!
We need to work some Magick to conjure a way forward that celebrates differences & allows true healing!
Because if we use the tragedy of our past to catapult ourselves forward into another cycle of violence we have no hope!
Stuck in a replay loop!
We must elevate!
Growing through nurture, acceptance, love & compassion!
We can use the incredible bravery, courage & strength that I have also witnessed, to build bridges, to mend wounds, to construct a safe future for the next generation.
Im so so sorry that a beautiful young woman died on our streets yesterday & whoever pulled the trigger, I’m so sorry you did something that has changed your life forever!
My heart is broken!
And it is time…
Time to evolve beloveds!
Time to evolve!
No more tearing apart!
No more!
UNITY is the only way forward!
UNITY as a race, the human race, is the ONLY way forward!
🌟I pray we are BRAVE enough🌟

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